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Manage cultivation, processing, compliance, cost accounting, and inventory management.
All in one place.

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Built for Cannabis Operators

Strimo is built by and for Cannabis professionals and addresses the unique needs of the industry.

Compliance is Key

Stay compliant with government regulations and protect yourself from audit in a rapidly changing landscape.

Scalable. Powerful. Intuitive.

Built in the cloud with a focus on security, scalability, flexibility, and ease of use.

Built for teams of all sizes

From small Start-ups to Multi-state Operators, strimo can help your company grow to its full potential.

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Unlimited Scalability

Strimo is a cutting-edge platform built in the cloud with scalability and security at the forefront.

Compliance & Auditing

Strimo keeps you fully compliant and integrates with platforms like Metrc, BioTrack, and State-specific systems. Never worry about an audit again.

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Building Long Term Solutions.

Strimo will give your business the insight to leverage your strengths and minimize your weaknesses. Robust reporting and analytic solutions enable users to make fast decisions based on a wide variety of real-time trends, analyses, and data points.


Stay Compliant with Strimo
All in one place

Integrations with Metrc, Biotrack, and state-specific compliance software make staying compliant simple and easy.

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Stay Compliant. Any State.

Keep all your data synced with your state's reporting system.

Guard Rails

Alerts that will warn you if you are falling out of compliance.

Downtime Protection

Strimo stores and syncs data in the event of Metrc or Biotrack outages.


Detailed reporting of all compliance related activity.


Cultivation the smart way
Track your every move

From seed to sale, Strimo makes cultivation-related tasks easy! Configurable workflows allow you to track all of your cultivation activities and calculate associated costs. Customizable data fields enable you to gain valuable insights and improve efficiencies.

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Inventory Management

Powerful Inventory Management and Accounting

Track inventory levels of cannabis and non-cannabis items. Import new stock into the system with ease! Item templates define how stock items interact within the platform. Apply direct materials and associated costs to both WIP and finished goods in real-time. Specify cost center budgets for the most accurate view of your COGS.

Real-time data

Cost Accounting

End-to-end encyption

Cloud Platform

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Trim, package, and combine flower products to make finished goods. Improve processes by applying inventory and tracking costs in real time.


Whether you are making butter, shatter, rosin, or wax, Strimo’s customizable workflows will help you optimize your extraction processes. Finally, it’s time to throw out all those spreadsheets!


Configurable workflows help in your creation of quality cannabis edibles and confections. Track input items and associated costs while adhering to all safety and GMP standards.


In-depth reporting and analytics keep your entire company in sync

Track and Trace software records and reports information required by the state. But are you forgetting about all of the other data you need to run your business efficiently? Capture the data you need using Strimo’s configurable workflows. Add custom data fields and gain actionable insights using our robust reporting feature.

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Compliance integration


Guaranteed uptime for all of our services no matter what


Available in 47 states and many more countries


Our plans are simple and flexible

Companies of all sizes need access to Strimo, so we have a flexible pricing system for businesses of any size.


Inventory Management

Cost Accounting


Business Hours Support


Inventory Management

Cost Accounting


Enterprise Level Support

Cultivation Module

Seamless Compliance Integration

In-depth Reporting / Analytics

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